Family Law

We provide legal advice on the following areas:

  • Separation
  • Divorce,
  • Co-habitation disputes
  • Finances between separating couples
  • Issues concerning children arrangements
  • Pre-nups
  • Occupation orders and injunctions
  • Living together agreements
  • The related property aspects of family cases

We offer 30 minute free first interview in connection with family law problems!

As well as having years of experience in family law disputes , and civil litigation, We have some of the best trained mediators and recognize that often a non-confrontational approach may be the best way; There strong negotiating skills can help you avoid the costs of court proceedings, and help you along the way if your case is being dealt with by the court.

Collaborative family law is a way of sorting out arrangements for divorcing or separating couples who would like to avoid a dispute in court proceedings. Find out more

Collaborative family law works only when the other person in the case also asks a collaboratively trained family lawyer to represent them, and both want to avoid involving the court.

As a collaborative family lawyer,  we will assess with you whether this is the best way of dealing with the issues in your case.

At a time of family breakdown, and divorce, we recognize that paying legal costs can be a big additional worry.

We explain the likely costs of your case early on and confirm this in writing at the beginning of your case. We agree a payment plan with you and in some cases, accept ongoing regular payments by standing order towards the costs of the case.

We invoice regularly, usually every month, so you will always be able to keep track of the legal fees. Visit this page