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How to prove your innocence

Do you need a criminal defence team to help support your innocence? Look no further as we have gathered a list of those in London who can best fit your needs.

Lastly, action will be taken that will provide you with the best possible results.Statistics have shown that every year there are 30,000 complaints and 5% of those are related to wrongful arrests. Don’t let this happen to you and hire an expert team to fight your corner.

What is the criminal defence process?

The process is fairly simple. First of all, your solicitor may work with an investigator to gather all of the correct information in your case. Secondly, using the information that has been discovered, your defence team will assess your case and will devise strategies that will help your situation. Read more.

Lastly, action will be taken that will provide you with the best possible results.

How can an investigator help you?

Although your solicitor will provide your defence in court, it takes an experienced team to gather the information that will be presented during the trial. Hiring a detective can help you to win free of your injustice and get your life back to normal. Find out more. A reliable team will be trusted and skilled in hosting interviews, examining facts and validating the truth. They will know the legal ins and outs and could be able to easily recognise any errors in the evidence gathered.

What will a solicitor do for your case?What will a solicitor do for your case?

A solicitor will:

A solicitor will provide you with advice at each stage of your case so you are in the knowhow of what is going on. They will represent you throughout the case and ensure you are treated fairly in the courts.

See below a list of solicitors in London